Blue Water Systems, LLC



Legacy Data Mining and Conversion 
Do you need or want to upgrade your CAMA or Tax Collection system but are being held back by the prospect of such a daunting task or are you overwhelmed by the technical difficulty of extracting and converting your data to a new database like Microsoft SQL server?  Blue Water Systems has extracted and converted legacy data in just about any format from any number of legacy computer systems and hardware configurations.  We can deliver your data in any format or database you prefer (such as Microsoft Excel, SQL Server or even an Access database).  We'll get your data converted in a timely and accurate fashion to assure your 100% success in any migration project.
Custom Programming and Software Support 

Is your IT staff stretched too thin to meet your requirements in the Assessor's office?  Do you need custom reports that no one has the time or knowledge to provide? Blue Water Systems can provide programming services and support on any number of platforms and applications.  We've got the expertise to support your office in today's 4GL programming and database tools like SQL Server, VB6, VB.Net, and Microsoft Access to name just a few.  If your office is stuck on a legacy mainframe, we can help you there as well.

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